Google’s Weather app comes to Android tablets after more than six years of waiting

googles weather app comes to android tablets after more than.jpg
googles weather app comes to android tablets after more than.jpg

Now that Google has regained hope with tablets, it has put its batteries into action to bring its mobile operating system up to par, implementing important new features for the version of Android 13 for tablets and adapting its own applications to large screens.

The company’s latest application to reach Android tablets is the application google timeand it does so a week after Apple’s Weather application announced its arrival on iPads with iPadOS 16.

Google Time comes to tablets

Google Weather

google time it came to Android phones in 2016, so we had to wait six years for Google to bring this “application” to tablets. I put “application” in quotes because it’s not really an application, since the Weather app is integrated into the Google app.

When checking the weather in the Google app, in its first result, we see a web app that allows us to access a more complete weather forecast, showing the forecast for today, tomorrow and the next ten days with its different statistics. Now this web-app also appears in the Google app for tablets, allowing us to add direct access to Google Weather on the home screen of our tablet.

The Weather app has begun to appear on the tablets of the first users through version of the Google app, and its developers have not gotten too excited about adapting the Google Weather interface to the screens large of the tablets. The interface is the same as on mobile.

Google Weather

As we see in the screenshots, the Google Weather app on tablets continues to show three tabs to see the forecast for Today, Tomorrow and 10 days and you will have to slide up or down to see all the data and statistics in a vertical list. The first time you access the new weather forecast on your tablet, a prompt will appear asking you to add the shortcut to your tablet’s desktop.

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