Google’s secret project is equally fascinating and useful: this is Project Tailwind

googles secret project is equally fascinating and useful this is.webp.webp.webp
googles secret project is equally fascinating and useful this is.webp.webp.webp

Google I/O 2023 took place yesterday afternoon, bringing us good news on different fronts: Android 14, new immersive view of Maps, Google Bard, Google’s first foldable, the cheap Pixel, improvements to Google Photos… All the products and services of the Mountain View giant with an important base of Artificial Intelligence. But one went unnoticed among so much news

We are talking about Project Tailwind, an initiative that once again influences AI as a work tool. We tell you everything we know about this experimental Google project, which aims to revolutionize the way we learn.

A notebook with Artificial Intelligence that organizes our learning

There is no doubt that the most popular topic of the Google event has been Artificial Intelligence, if not tell Sundar Pichai that he must have spent this concept pronouncing it so much.

The Mountain View-based company wowed us with its new quest, again supported by generative AI models. However, nearing the end of the presentationJosh Woodward (Senior Director of Product Management) presented an experimental prototype called Project Tailwind.

With this cryptic name, an application is hidden mainly aimed at students, although it can be useful and beneficial for anyone who regularly works with large amounts of text. This Artificial Intelligence notebook has been designed to help us learn.

How will do? Well, it is trained thanks to our Google Drive documents, thus creating a completely personalized and private AI model for the user. First, we must select the cloud files that we will share with Tailwind to later display a new page that creates a study guide.

For now, it’s an experiment from Google of which we do not know all the details, although in the presentation we saw a small demonstration. In it, Woodward selected several notes on the history of computing, Tailwind even managed to create a glossary with the most important terms.

Tailwind can create a dictionary with the most important terms of our notes

Being a concept, access is restricted to the United States, also in an experimental phase. If you belong to the American country, you can join the waiting list to test it before anyone else. To do this, go to the following link and click on “Join waitlist”.

Advances in AI are revolutionizing the sector, this time focused on an area where it would be tremendously useful: education. We look forward to the future Learn more about what Tailwind is capable of, but we will have to settle for this demonstration. At least we’ve seen it in action.

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