Google’s response to ChatGPT: it will include its generative AI in Gmail, Drive and other products

googles response to chatgpt it will include its generative ai.webp.webp.webp
googles response to chatgpt it will include its generative ai.webp.webp.webp

Artificial Intelligence is the new fashion in technology, and of course, mobile phones are involved. After the news with ChatGPT, it was not the only foray of the Mountain View company in this field because we also witnessed how some of the most famous apps of the company gained functions precisely thanks to this. But, today we see one more step in Google’s strategywhich will avoid stagnating in any way compared to its competitors.

Now, we can compose an email without writing it. And the Google cloud is also enhanced.

As Google states in its official publication, generative AI is changing how people interact with technology. We cannot deny him reason, because you only have to see the success and virality of the bots among the great public.

All this marabunta of events generates the ideal moment for the company that owns Android to announce news in several of its best-known applications. Gmail, and Google Maps are just some of the most used apps that get a dose of AI.

In addition to convincing developers with the new APIs incorporating its products, Workspace welcomes new features that take advantage of the versatility of this technology. Both Gmail and Google Documents will be the first services to receive these updates.

As we can see in the animation above, it will suffice to introduce the subject about which we want to develop a text (either for a document or for

With the full message available, we can make changes that we believe necessary, to expand it, open

Likewise, the tool itself will automate certain elements such as our name, the name of the company we represent and more details that it will be able to process just as if it were a person. These news will arrive in the coming weeks, starting with the US.

Before finalizing the announcement, Google comments that the use of AI is something complementary that should not replace human creativity. Ethics in this field is quite important, which is why we learned about the recommendations and good practices a few weeks ago.

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