Google will return your money for the closure of Stadia, but not everything you spent

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So Stadia is history. Technically it will be in January, but it is already a platform of the past.

However, Google has seen fit to execute a movement that nobody expected and that is not very common when these types of projects are canceled. The company has officially announced that will return money to users who have paid for the service. Not all of it, yes, but a part of it. Everything that did not correspond to the Stadia Pro subscription, which cost 9.99 euros per month.

How much money will Google return to you for the closure of Stadia


Let’s briefly recall how Stadia has worked to place us in the announcement of the return of the money. Stadia was a cloud gaming platform with a double version. One of them, stadia-pro, was the payment platform, with games in 4K and at 60fps, which cost 9.99 euros/month and which also gave access to free games every month and to take advantage of exclusive offers to buy others. The other was the Stadia freewith games at 1080p and 30fps and that required us to buy the games to play them.

If you were a Stadia Pro user, your monthly subscription amount will not be refunded. That is enjoyed, logically, as well as the games that you could have for free month after month thanks to the subscription itself. But if you bought a game taking advantage of the different offersthat amount will be returned to you.

If you were a user of the free version of Stadia, Google will also give you back the amount of purchases you would have made. So every euro you paid for any of the games in the Stadia Store will come back to you. Also, and this is independent of whether you were a paying user or not, will return the amount of having purchased controlsor having purchased any of the packs with which it was released, whether it was the Founders’ Edition or the Premiere Edition.

  • What does it return? The purchase of games, with or without an offer, and the purchase of hardware (controllers, Founders pack, Premiere pack)
  • What does not return? The amount of the Stadia Pro subscription

As for the moment in which this return will be received, Google has not given any fixed date but it has given an approximate term. The company has indicated in its statement that the Stadia service as such will be operational until January 18, 2023 so that users who wish to can complete campaigns or continue playing their games. And that he expects all returns to be made by that date, although he speaks of “mid-January” and not on the 18th itself.

Stadia is dead. Long live Stadia.