Google will make car cameras obsolete: Android will be a dashcam without the need for applications

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google will make car cameras obsolete android will be a.webp.webp.webp

Our mobiles are used to make calls and many other things, some without further ado and others with the help of specialized applications. One possibility is use the mobile as a car camera or dashcamsomething that we will soon be able to do, at least on the Google Pixel, without having to install anything.

Google is preparing a dashcam function directly in the Emergency app, pre-installed on Google Pixels and available on other terminals. Although the novelty seems to be already functional in its current state, for now Google has not yet officially announced it.

Your mobile can easily be a dashcam

your mobile has everything you need to become a car camera, so the only thing missing is software that takes care of the recording with options such as deleting the content from time to time, so as not to monopolize all the mobile storage. That is why there are dashcam apps for Android.

Soon we will not need any of these applications, because it will integrate the Dashcam function in the Emergency apppresent for now in the Google Pixel and a few additional models and the one in charge of similar functions such as the warning of car accidents.


We’ve learned that Google is planning to turn the Pixels into car security cameras after the company mistakenly distributed an internal version of the Emergency app on Google Play. After gutting it, 9to5Google found a complete video recording tool for the dashboard.

With the dashcam function of the emergency app we can save up to 24 hours of video, with the option to delete recordings after certain daysin addition to being able to choose if we want to record the audio or not.


We will be able to activate the dashcam mode of compatible mobiles from the Emergency app, but it is also possible to configure that the recording Automatically activate when connecting any Bluetooth devicesuch as when connecting the mobile to the car.

The Dashcam tool in the Emergency app seems quite advanced and even ready to use. Being free and integrated into the systemIt’s going to be a tough blow to existing dashcam apps for Android and even cameras, although it remains to be seen if the feature will end up reaching most mobile phones or if it will remain exclusive to Google Pixels.

Image | 9to5Google and Olga on Pixabay

Via | 9to5Google

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