Google Wallet would return as its new application for payments, passes and loyalty cards

google wallet would return as its new application for payments.jpg
google wallet would return as its new application for payments.jpg

Surely it sounds familiar to many google-wallet. It was the first contactless payment application that the company launched in 2011 in the United States, but in 2015 it was replaced by AndroidPay and then in 2018 replaced by GooglePay. Well, it looks like Google is going to return to the origins recovering the ‘Wallet’ brand.

According to leaks google-wallet it would come to life as Google’s new home for our payment cards, loyalty cards and passes, following in the footsteps of Apple Wallet and Apple Pay. On one hand we would have google-wallet like our wallet app compatible with payments GooglePay.

Google Wallet as your new wallet for all types of cards

Two years ago, in the United States, India and Singapore, Google launched a new Google Pay application with more social features, offers, sending money between users and canceled banking ambitions with which Google wanted to partner with banks to be able to use its new GPay app as our banking app, but two years later Google dropped those plans.

Gpay Wallet

From left to right: New Wallet icon, GPay and Google Pay

Last week the new Google Wallet icon was leaked, showing an icon that is quite reminiscent of Apple Wallet but with the colors of the Google logo, and today the first images of the Google Wallet app.

Google Wallet leak

With google-wallet It seems that we will be facing a name change and redesign of the Google payments and cards application, but its name change would make a lot of sense, since it does not make much sense that an application to store loyalty cards, COVID passport or tickets of public transport is called Google Pay when you are not going to pay. So the name Google Wallet is a much more appropriate name.

Google Wallet leak

Google’s plans with this new app renown are unknown, but it is rumored that Google could squeeze more offers and discounts from loyalty cards to encourage more Android users to use this app as a wallet. It is also possible that Google will change the name of the application in case they add ID card support.