Google Wallet will let us save any pass with a photo and more news on the way

google wallet will let us save any pass with a.webp.webp.webp
google wallet will let us save any pass with a.webp.webp.webp

With summer just around the corner, Google has announced a series of new features for the operating system and its applications as part of its quarterly news package. Google Wallet, the old Google Pay on steroidshas its own share of additions.

Google advances us five new features of Google Wallet that are about to arrive. Among them, the most important is that we will finally be able to add almost anything that has a QR codewith personalized passes from a photo.

Scan passes with the camera

When adding a loyalty card or a pass to Google Wallet, you depend on whether said card is available in the system to choose from, which is not always going to be the case. Soon we will be able save anything with a QR codewith a photo.

It is an important novelty, since we will be able to create personalized cards by entering a name, description and scanning the code of a photo where the barcode or QR of the physical card appears, thus creating a virtual copy that we can take anywhere on our mobile.

safe passes

A library card is not the same as a Social Security card, and Google Wallet will process them differently. Are cards with sensitive information they will be displayed labeled private passes, with added security.

To see this type of passes we are going to need identify us using our fingerprint or a PIN code. At the moment they are available in very few cases, such as membership cards of some insurers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Support for personal identification


Google wants you Let’s carry our identity card in WalletAlthough to achieve this you need to convince all the relevant organizations first, which is not easy. For now, support for personal identification starts small with the US state of Maryland. Arizona, Colorado and Georgia will join later.

This identity card or digitized driver’s license in Wallet it will be enough for use as personal identification to pass security at certain airports in the United States, while later it will be used to rent a car or verify online accounts.

Save passes from Google Messages

Google’s messaging app and Wallet join forces so you can save passes directly from an RCS message. It will come “later”.

This is a novelty that we are going to be able to test in Spain before anyone else, because will be released soon by Renfe in Spain, in addition to the airline of Vietnam Airlines. This system will also be available in restaurant reservation services such as TagMe.

Private passes and more transport cards

Google Wallet is also going to help us carry our private identification card, for workas a private, safe and easy way to access the corporate building, cafeterias and more.

On the other hand, Google continues to increase support for transport cards from more and more regions. For example, it is now possible save Deutschlandticket in Wallet to access all public transport in Germany.

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