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Google Wallet is here: the Google Pay app becomes the most complete Android wallet

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google-walletjust like on iOS devices with ApplePay Y AppleWallet or recently on Samsung Galaxy with Samsung Wallet and Samsung Pay. Google has also made the decision to separate the branding of its mobile payment system from the wallet app.

This name change is due to the fact that in the application of GooglePay It was not only used to pay but also to store other types of cards and passes, such as boarding passes, COVID certificate or car keys, so it did not make sense that the application was called Pay (Pay) when not all its actions were to pay, so the new name of Wallet is much more accurate.

The migration from Google Pay to Google Wallet has started to arrive with the update to the version 2.150.460235810 (APKMirror). When the Google Pay app updates to that version, when we open it, it will inform us that from now on it is called google-wallet.

The what’s new in google wallet that we will find as soon as we update is a new interface easier to use, where now the cards to pay are shown much larger and with a more visible direct access to organize them. Loyalty and gift cards are also displayed larger, but now we will see fewer cards on the screen as they are now displayed in a single row instead of the two rows that Google Pay had.

Google Wallet removes the side menu with its famous hamburger icon to now integrate access to settings, tap to pay settings, tips, banks and more options within the menu that appears when you click on our account icon.

Google Wallet is ready to support payment cards, passes, boarding passes, loyalty cards, vaccination passport, car keys, hotel keys, passports, driver’s license and much more.

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