Google TV integrates a remote control in the quick settings of your Android mobile

google tv integrates a remote control in the quick settings.jpg
google tv integrates a remote control in the quick settings.jpg

At the beginning of last March, it was leaked that the Google tv was preparing to replace Android TV Remote Control to use the mobile as a remote control. Well, six months this long-awaited feature has begun to reach our Android devices.

The latest version of the app Google tv and Google Play Movies is integrating the new control into the quick settings of our devices Remote control, although at the moment It still does not work. It seems that an update is missing for devices with Google TV or that Google will finish activating this new feature in the next few hours or days.

A look at …


This is the Google TV remote control for Android

If we have updated the Google TV / Play Movies application we can see that by customizing the quick settings we see how we can add the new control called ‘Remote control’. Adding it to our quick settings and pressing it will open the new Google TV virtual remote control for Android.

As soon as you open this television remote, the application will ask for permission from the nearby devicesyes, but currently the app cannot find any nearby devices. An update might be missing on the Chromecast with Google TV and compatible TVs to be able to pair.

Remote Google Tv Android

The Google TV remote control for Android will show us the back buttons, start, assistant, mute, controls to raise and lower the volume and two types of control: touchpad, to control by sliding your finger, or cross-piece.

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