Google Translate presents the new widget that will arrive very soon on your Android

google translate presents the new widget that will arrive very.jpg
google translate presents the new widget that will arrive very.jpg

A few months ago the Google translator redesigned its interface with Material You, leaving behind that design of the first generation of Material Design from 2014 to offer a more current interface that is consistent with the rest of its applications. but Google was left by the way to release new widgets.

With the arrival of Android 12, or rather, with the arrival of widgets in iOS 14, Google began to renew all its widgets for Android, and we had to wait until today to officially find out what the new google translate widget.

This is the new Google Translate widget

Until now, and for years, the application of the Google translator it only has a widget transformed into a shortcut to translate faster, since it allows us to open the application to start translating in a certain language and type of translation. Well, Google has announced through your twitter account a new widget for your Translator that improves on the previous widget.

Google Translate Widget

Under the new interface Material Youwe find a new widget in which we only have to put the language we want to translate to. The widget will show all translation options as shortcuts to translate by keyboard, voice dictation, conversation between two people, transcription, with the camera or pasting text from clipboard.

This new clipboard option is very practical, since if we want to translate a message or text from an application we only have to copy it and clicking on the widget’s clipboard icon will open Google Translate showing the translation of the copied text. We will not have to press paste and translate. The application will do it automatically.

Google has not announced when this new widget will come to Android. In his announcement he has limited himself to showing how widgets are added to Android, with which it could be interpreted that the new widget will begin to reach users in the coming days. This same widget came to iOS last March.

Filtering Widgets Google Translate

Leaking of the two widgets under development for Google Translate.

What is not clear is how many widgets will make it to Google Translate. Last February, two widgets in development for Android were leaked. One is the one that Google has confirmed but there is another widget that would allow us to access our translation history directly from the desktop of our mobile, but it is possible that Google has discarded it.

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