Google Time is renewed in a big way: the famous little frog changes its look and embraces Material You

google time is renewed in a big way the famous.webp.webp.webp
google time is renewed in a big way the famous.webp.webp.webp

The suite of Android applications that Google has to its credit completes the operating system that we all use in our day to day. From YouTube, through utilities such as Gmail, Drive or Maps, the Mountain View company provides us with enough tools to access its services. One of these is the search appbaptized simply with the name of the search engine that contains Google Discover and gives us information such as the weather forecast.

It is here that we see the famous little frog of time who always accompanies us in our consultations, whatever heaven is like at that moment. This section underwent a redesign in its web version, but it will not remain only in browsers. As we read at 9to5Google, Google Weather is finally updated with the Material You design.

A frog adapted to the new times

It was in 2021 when Google redesigned the weather forecast section. Meanwhile, the recent Material You took its first steps in company apps. But until today, this space continued with a design that already felt somewhat outdated, as we ourselves exposed at the beginning of the year.

However, as we see in the specialized media, the change relocates the top three tabs that allow us to move between different time periods to consult the forecast, now in a vertical format. These screens have been designed with one goal in mind: to provide a seamless overview. With the already old design, a large part of the screen was wasted due to an interface that was not very adapted, so this redesign suits it great.

Google Weather Material You

On the left, new interface. On the opposite side, the one that comes out. Screenshot by 9to5Google.

As can be seen in the capture, the top search bar similar to what is seen in other Google apps, with a pill shape that will show the location of the current forecast. It also seems to be compatible with the dark theme of the system, so it will adapt automatically.

Just below that search bar we see the forecast for “Now”, which tells us about the current temperature, the status, and the maximum and minimum temperatures, not to mention the wind chill. The lovely frog It still has its place, although this time a higher resolution image is missing.

If we continue on this same screen, the hourly forecast in a closer position, as is the case with the forecast for the next ten days. Surely we can get more detailed information by tapping on keywords like “Today”, in order to see other data such as sunrise and sunset or wind speed.

At the moment, there is no update in sight that activates this new design, so we must continue waiting for Google to decide to release it. For now, the redesign could continue to be developed internally because as we see in the upper part, the status bar does not adapt correctly. Be that as it may, in the form that we have seen or in a similar one, it is a movement that we have been waiting for for years.

Via | 9to5Google

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