Google tests its ChatGPT in Gmail, so emails are generated automatically

google tests its chatgpt in gmail so emails are generated.webp.webp.webp
google tests its chatgpt in gmail so emails are generated.webp.webp.webp

The recent arrival of Google Bard, his chatbot In particular, which will face ChatGPT and Bing, it is not Google’s only foray into the field of Artificial Intelligence. In fact, up to three applications from the Mountain View company were updated, receiving their dose of AI. But, they are not the only ones since some users are testing the smart gmail features.

The medium 9to5Google, specialized in the firm’s products, has managed to test Google’s generative AI in Gmail, which will allow us to create emails without the need to type the text manually.

Answering emails without writing a letter is already a reality

It is the latest version of the Gmail app for Android that enables these smart features. Specifically, version 2023.03.05.515729449 add the button to generate the email automatically. This button contains the text Help me write which in Spanish would be “help me write”, and it appears on the email writing screen.

This features an icon illustrating a sparkling magic wand, very different from the icon shown last week when these new features for Gmail were announced. By tapping on it, a new text box opens in which the app asks us Tell Gmail what to write for you or “Tell Gmail what it can type for you.”

Gmail Intelligent AI

9to5Google Screenshots

That will be where we will introduce the prompt to generate the text of the mail. For example, we could put “congratulate my friend Pedro, who has completed his university studies with honors, on an academic achievement.” and automatically Gmail would generate the email entirelyready to just press the button on

If the request that we introduce is too short, the application will notify us with a message that urges us to extend it for optimal operation. when the prompt is suitable for AI, you just have to click on create or “Create” in Spanish.

This “magic” button is not the only novelty, because Google has also thought that it can help communicate in a better way. When we write the body of an email, we will see a new function called Refine my message, that will modify our text by improving or clarifying it. In the same way, we can click on View another so that it generates a different correction.

At the moment, it is only Artificial Intelligence feature available in the latest version of Gmail. Google showed us a few more features during the announcement, but they’re not enabled. As we have seen, the AI ​​revolution is bringing us very useful tools that make our lives easier and even improve productivity.

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