Google Stadia for Android launches a search engine through its new experimental function: this is how it is activated

google stadia for android launches a search engine through its.jpg
google stadia for android launches a search engine through its.jpg

One week after the arrival of Stadia to Android TV and the new Chromecast with Google TV we see how its application for Android is updated to add a novelty that is surprising that it has not been there since the launch of this streaming game platform, more than a year ago: the search bar. Until now you had to scroll through the entire list of games to find a specific title.

The search bar arrived on the Stadia version a little over a month ago, and now it comes to Android through a experimental function that we will have to activate to enjoy your search engine.

How to activate the Stadia search engine for Android

Stadia Finder

With the app Stadia updated to version 3.18 We can activate your search bar by clicking on our profile icon in the upper right and then on Experiments. There we will find the new experimental function ‘Filter search’.

As the description of this function indicates, a search bar will appear that will allow us filter by text on all Stadia games lists, such as deals, news, Stadia Pro games, all games, etc …

Stadia Finder

It will also allow you to sort the search by title, price, recently added or by age classification. Also, as Google also indicates, are working to add advanced search features in future updates.

At the moment in this version the search bar is experimental and very basic, so we will have to continue waiting for the Stadia search engine to arrive officially and in a stable way to all users and with more functions.



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