Google signs up for iOS 16 lock screen widgets: six of its apps will include them

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Google killed off home screen widgets in Android Lollipop back in 2014, but it has sprung up like a spring as soon as iOS 16 added the feature so that you can put a little Google on the lock screen of your iPhone.


Google search adds a good number of widgets on the home screen with which you can easily start a search, open the translator, search with the camerause Google Lens, use voice or camera search, or even help with homework.

Google Chrome


Google Chrome includes four widgets for the home screen: search, start a search with your voice, open a incognito browsing session or play the dinosaur minigame, Dino Run.

google drive


The widget for the Google Drive home screen is simpler. It will suggest files that you might want to open with a single touch, as well as include a shortcut to open the favorite foldersthose that you have highlighted with the star icon.

Google Maps

The Google Maps widget will keep you informed of the traffic and navigation time for the places you visit most frequently, as well as allowing you to start a quick navigation to home and work with one touch. It is also possible to start searches for cafes, hotels and other points of interest in the vicinity.


For its part, the Gmail widget for the iOS 16 home screen shows us the number of new messages in inboxbut you can customize it to include categories like social or updates.

Google news


Finally we have the widget for the home screen of Google News, which will show us the latest news so you can read more just by tapping on the headline that catches your eye.

iOS 16 is here, but these widgets will be coming to your iPhone in the coming weeksas long as you keep the associated apps up to date from the system App Store.