Google Search begins to activate continuous scrolling on mobiles

google search begins to activate continuous scrolling on mobiles.jpg
google search begins to activate continuous scrolling on mobiles.jpg

The Google search engine not stop receiving news to improve your search results and to offer the user experience. After renewing its design at the beginning of this year and announcing the next news that will make the search engine even smarter, we see how Google announces another new feature.

Google wants browsing the search results are smoother and more intuitive on our mobile devices, and for this they have just presented the new continuous scrolling.

This is the new continuous scrolling of Google Search

So far, if we do a Google search and scroll to the bottom of the results we see that to continue seeing more search results we have to click on ‘See more’. Well, this will soon cease to be the case thanks to the new continuous scrolling.

As we see in the following animation, With continuous scrolling we will no longer have to click on ‘See more’, thus eliminating this interruption and interaction that the user had to do to continue searching. So Google offers “infinite” scrolling that will end when Google has displayed all available search results.

This continuous displacement begins to be implemented as of today in a phased manner for most of the searches in english on mobile devices in the USA. For the rest of the countries and languages ​​we will have to wait as usual for most of the news, which arrive first in the United States and months in more countries.