Google saves you even more space on your mobile with the new “Smart Storage” from Files

google saves you even more space on your mobile with.jpg
google saves you even more space on your mobile with.jpg

The Google file management app now includes an automatic tool that will allow considerable savings in mobile storage: Files can delete all images and videos that are backed up in Google Photos. This saves space with the assurance that the content will be well protected.

Files by Google is an excellent application that brings together a huge number of functions. It is a file manager, an app to share all kinds of content, it offers a secure folder to protect what the user wants and, also, Files helps save a remarkable amount of space; providing manual and automatic tools. The latter is of the second type.

“Smart storage”, the new space liberator

Files Smart Storage 2

With Files it is possible to keep any Android clean, whether it has limited storage or it has more space than a computer. It is an easy to use app, highly visual, Google includes a multitude of proactive functions to help the user And like “Smart Storage”, Files can also run actions in the background to optimize mobile automatically.

Since Google Photos takes care of saving the entire phone gallery in the cloud, always with the limitation of the contracted spaceWhy not empty that storage that is already available in the cloud from your phone? That is what Files can do: it will take care of emptying one of the items that occupy the most on your mobile, photos and videos.

“Smart Storage” is already in the latest versions of Files. It is disabled by default, you can make it save space as follows:

  • Open Files on your mobile. In the event that you have not installed the application yet, you can download it from Google Play.
  • Access the Files settings by displaying the side menu from the left edge of the screen to the right.
  • Go into the settings.
  • You will see that the option of “Smart storage“: activate it and you will have the automatic space freeing up working.
Files Smart Storage

You must bear in mind that Files will delete photos and videos that Google Photos has copied to the cloud. Therefore, for Smart Storage to work you need to have Photos backup active. Files will gradually delete backed up content that has been on the phone for 60 days. And it will erase it forever from the phone: the multimedia content will be available in the cloud and through the Google Photos app.

Google files

Google files

  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools

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