Google removes ‘View of the day’, the heir to Google Now, from its application

google removes view of the day the heir to google.jpg
google removes view of the day the heir to google.jpg

The one who warns is not a traitor. Google’s app started warning last month that Day View was going away, and as planned, this tab is no longer availableat least for some users and in some of the ways I had to open it.

Day view -also called News in the past – was the closest thing we had to the original Google Now showing relevant information cards for each user, such as weather information, displacements or calendar events.

A day without a view

Google seems to have lost interest in continuing the legacy of Google Now. At least not with the same approach. Although internally the company continues to assimilate data that it considers relevant to each user, it no longer has a centralized place to display it as cards. Your official app you have abandoned your Day View.

Day View was one of many nooks and crannies within the official Google app – and the Assistant – that never quite found their place. It was accessible as a tab, with a button at the top of the Google app and as a button in the Google Assistant, but a little over a month ago it started showing a notice that it would be removed soon.

daily view

That warning seems to have been fulfilled now, when its access modes have begun to disappear. It is no longer available as a button next to the search engine, at least for some users. Hopefully it won’t take much longer for it to completely disappear from all users.

Without this button, it is still possible open it from Google Assistant, although it is to be hoped that it will not take too long to disappear from here as well. By doing so, Google will have completely killed the concept of Google Now, ten years later.

Without a trace

No trace of view of the day neither in the Google app nor in the integration in the launcher

The information that was available in the day view will still be available – in a way – in the Google Assistant, but in a much different way. Instead of cards Google prefers that you ask the assistant out loud. On the other hand, the company has been revitalizing its At-a-Glance widget for some time so that it shows some of the data that appeared in the day view.