Google recommends these nine free Android games, they are the ones you liked the most this month

google recommends these nine free android games they are the.webp.webp.webp
google recommends these nine free android games they are the.webp.webp.webp

Google Play Picks are often a good place to go for new apps and games, the platform’s publishers they tend to choose personally among the huge number of new developments that are uploaded to the store. And Google selected the ten best games of June, nine of them totally free. It is worth giving these new proposals a game.

Do you also take advantage of any recommendation to install new material on your Android mobile and thus check on the first screen where the latest entertainment is circulating? Much of these novelties are very similar to each other: shooters, Candy Crush puzzles and clickers are too common. Although there is always room to stand out, titles that deserve to stand out for their different bet; and that it is often so difficult to discover among all the rubbish on Google Play. That is why the monthly highlights of the platform are so useful.

The selection of Google Play in June brings old acquaintances

If you are one of those who have been playing on mobile phones for a while, you may remember the famous Dumb ways to die, a mini-game title created by the Australian transport consortium that warned of risky attitudes by dint of throw characters to death; always in idiotic ways, the title already says it all. Fun, original, a game that created a school. And aftermath, the fourth part recently came out.

Dumb Ways to die 4 is a twist on bloody mini-puzzles with Mr Wonderful-style graphics, ads, and in-app purchases galore. As Google points out, it is a good game to kill time, never better said.

Dumb ways to die 4

Minigames to kill time

Free download

Apart from the return of a classic, Google highlights eight other free games for Android. They are the following:

  • ‌Lost Words: Beyond the Page. A game with narrative mechanics that is very careful visually and also in the plot. The first two chapters are free, the rest must be paid for 5.99 euros. It is available on Google Play.
  • ‌Fake Future. Dystopian future in a side-scrolling game with 8-bit graphics. Construction and RPG touches that can be downloaded from here.
  • ‌Quantum Casters. Perhaps the most curious of the June selection: this game is an augmented reality title in which you have to fight against other opponents using the mobile camera. It’s already on Google Play.
  • ‌Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna. Good graphics, loaded with action and some automation in the game mechanics. The download is here.
  • ‌Mia and the Dragon Princess. Real action for an interactive movie that is enjoyed from the first minute. Free download with a purchase of 5.49 euros to complete the entire game. From Google Play.
  • ‌The Oregon Trail: Boom Town. A neat and fairly complete farm game that not only has a complete resource management system, but also a large number of purchases and ads. Entertain and kill time: it’s here.
  • ‌Longleaf Valley. Candy Crush-style puzzles, albeit with an environmental motivation: playing virtually is the same as planting trees in reality. “Gamification” takes on a new meaning: it can be downloaded from here.
  • ‌Family Bash. A work of art made into a mobile videogame in which old age and family are addressed from a comical tone. Hand-drawn graphics and free download for the first chapters: completing the game requires a purchase of 4.99 euros. Highly recommended: it’s on Google Play.

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