Google Reader in Chrome for Android: this is how you can activate it

google reader in chrome for android this is how you.jpg
google reader in chrome for android this is how you.jpg

Google recently introduced in Chrome a news manager similar to Google Reader, the famous reader that the company killed in 2013. And there is a way to activate it on Android: we tell you how you can subscribe, manage your feeds and read the news without leaving Google Chrome mobile.

News readers, RSS, or feeds are a popular enough type of application that there is some competition on Google Play. Feedly is one of the best known, also gReader or Word, to give some examples. Although you may remember with nostalgia the classic Google Reader, that news reader that the company ruthlessly terminated. Well then: you can relive it in Chrome for Android.

Activate the news reader from the ‘flags’ of Google Chrome

Google Reader Integrated Chrome

Feed reader built into Google Chrome

The ‘web feed’ of Google Chrome is a manager and news reader integrated into the browser that allows the user to subscribe to the pages so that the browser notifies him each time there are changes to the webs. Google has introduced subscription, made the feed easier to read, and simplified the experience so that no applications are required.

Like most of the experimental functions that Google is incorporating in its web browser, the news reader integrated in Chrome is available after activating a flag or function in tests within code. It is a simple process that requires a few steps.

  • Open your Google Chrome and type ‘chrome: // flags‘in the address bar (without the quotes).
  • The list of experimental functions will open. Write ‘web feed‘and locate the flagrant concrete.
  • Click on the drop-down and check ‘Enabled’.
  • Click on the ‘Relaunch’ at the bottom of the screen. Then manually restart Google Chrome to ensure that the newsreader already works in the browser.
Google Reader Integrated Chrome

With Chrome’s Google Reader you can subscribe to any web page: the browser will register the request and will collect all the new news that the sites publish; Y it will show them in the form of a feed within your personal Chrome space, the one that appears when you open a new tab (Discover news on the left, the sites where you subscribe to the right).

To add websites to your feed you must do the following:

  • Load the page you want to subscribe to.
  • Display the Google Chrome menu by clicking on the top three points.
  • You will see that at the bottom of the menu there is a new button: the ‘Follow’ button. Click there.
  • All the sites that you add will be incorporated into the Google Reader of your Chrome (and Google account). You will be able to see the new news in the personal space offered by each newly opened tab. Hopefully Google will introduce the feed in the Discover section as well.
Google Reader Integrated Chrome 2

We have done various tests and, although we were able to activate ‘web feed’ in stable Google Chrome, We could not subscribe to the webs from that version, yes from Chrome Beta (It will expand as Google agrees the evidence). Once subscribed to the webs, the new Discover tab appeared with the feed reader.

Via | 9to5Google