Google prepares an always visible button to search from any application

google prepares an always visible button to search from any.jpg
google prepares an always visible button to search from any.jpg

Google wants you to use its search engine on mobile. There are currently plenty of ways to do this directly or through the Assistant: from the browser, with the search bar widget, with gestures, from the power button … A new way is on the way: with a floating button that is always visible on one side of the screen.

Discovered by 9to5Google between the APK code of the latest beta version of the Google application and not yet active for users, this floating button provides quick access to two functions: text search and voice search.

Google everywhere

Google is preparing a novelty in its main application that can improve your productivity if you are going to do a lot of searches while using another application: with an optional floating button. In a way, it is reminiscent of Touch to translate, the floating button that has been present in Google Translate for five years now.

Google’s floating button is somewhat different, at least in its appearance. Instead of being a circular bubble-shaped icon, attaches to one of the sides screen, taking up less space. There are two buttons on it: a magnifying glass icon and a microphone.


Pressing the magnifying glass opens the Google application ready for you to enter your search with the keyboard, while tapping on the microphone opens the voice search, not the Assistant. You can move the icon from one side of the screen to the other or drag it down to hide it temporarily or disable it forever.

This faster way to search on Google Without having to deal with the Wizard it seems to be practically ready, although it is impossible to predict when it will be activated for users. In any case, its current state suggests that it will be the user who decides whether to use the bubble or not.