Google Play will not let you install applications on your new mobile that have not been updated for more than two years

google play will not let you install applications on your.jpg
google play will not let you install applications on your.jpg

Google he just declared death to all those applications and games that have not been updated for more than two yearsand they just announced that From November all applications and games that are not adapted for Android 11 or higher will no longer be available in Play Store for the new users.

Until now, google play required that new applications and updates be optimized for at least the penultimate version of Androidbut it did not prevent the installation of old applications optimized for older versions, but this will change later this year.

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Google Play doesn’t want outdated apps

Currently, from November 2021, all apps have to be optimized to at least the Android 11 API level, but from November 1, 2022 Google goes one step further, and to strengthen user security will start to prevent discovery and installation of outdated apps that do not target an API level within the last two years for new users.

with this measure Google boosts the security of its app store by making sure all apps and games use the latest android security and privacy featuresmaking them safer for users.

Android versions

As of November 1, the target API level will be Android 13, with which the two previous versions at the API level will be Android 11 and Android 12.

This means that from November the new users who have their phones updated will not be able to download obsolete applications that are not adapted to Android 11 or higher. Each year the minimum requirements will increase version.

This will only affect new users going to download an outdated app for the first time. If you have already downloaded an application or game that has not been updated for years, you can continue doing so, but from November you will no longer see obsolete applications and games that you have never downloaded in the Play Store search engine.

The good news is that most of the applications and games on Google Play are already adapted to the latest versions of Android, so this measure will only affect very few applications that have been abandoned for years.

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