Google Play no longer shows app permissions, it now shows what data they collect and share

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The arrival of the new ‘Data Security’ section means that ‘App Permissions’ section disappears from the Play Store. Now there is no way to see before downloading an application what permissions it is going to request.

Google Play replaces the permissions section with security ones

Application Permissions

Former “Application Permissions” section.

For many years, when we entered the information of an application, at the end of the file, in the ‘App data’ section, we had access to the ‘Application permissions’ section. After clicking on ‘See more’ we saw on a new screen each of the permissions that the application could request.

Now that section has been totally replaced by the ‘Data security’ section, which although it no longer informs what permissions the application can request, it does informs about how that application collects, shares and treats our data.

Data Security

New section “Data security”.

within the section ‘Data security’ we will see first whether or not data is shared with third partiesthen it will inform us what data do they collectwhich gives us clues about the permissions it can request, since there we will see if the application is going to need our location data, photos, videos, audio, etc… And finally, in the section ‘safety practices’ we will see how the company is treating all our data, if it is encrypted or if it can be deleted from their servers.

Now to see the permissions of an application you will have to have it installed on your Android device to go to its ‘Application information’ settings to access the ‘Permissions’ section where each of the permissions that the application needs to work will appear.