Google Play Books now lets you organize your library: so you can classify your books on shelves

google play books now lets you organize your library so.jpg
google play books now lets you organize your library so.jpg

If you use Google Play Books In Android, surely during all these years you have missed a feature that is in the iOS version and that should be basic in any e-book reader: power organize your library.

Well, Google has finally listened to the readers of Play Books and has updated its Android application to finally bring us its shelves, which is the new way we have from now on to classify our books.

Shelves in Play Libros

Play Books Shelves

In the section library we will now find the new tab ‘Shelves’, in which we can organize all our books and audiobooks. No more having a single list with all the books and comics mixed together.

Play Books Shelves

By clicking on the menu of a book we can add it to the shelf. At that time we can create a new shelf or select the ones we have already created. So we can classify our favorite books to our liking to have them more at hand.

New Series section

Play Books Series

But this is not all. To library a new tab called ‘Series’, which will automatically organize all books in the same series, although it only works with books that were uploaded as a collection. In this section we can sort by the order of the series.

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