Google Play announces a privacy section that will force applications to report how they use your data

google play announces a privacy section that will force applications.jpg
google play announces a privacy section that will force applications.jpg

Google wants to guarantee us as users the transparency of how our data is used not only in its products but also in the entire Android ecosystem, and for this the company announces a new security section on Google Play to guarantee your store as a safe and reliable space.

To do this, Google Play will help us to know what data that affects our privacy and security will be collected and how for each application before downloading it. It is the evolution to the permission list.

More transparency on Google Play

Google informs that developers agree that their applications should be more transparent, informing the user in the context of each application what data it collects, why and the security practices they carry out to protect our privacy.

Google wants applications to report on their download tab if:

  1. The application has security practices, such as data encryption.
  2. The application follows the Google Play family policy.
  3. The application needs this data to function or if users have the option to share it.
  4. The security of the application is verified by an independent third party.
  5. The application allows users to request data deletion if they decide to uninstall it.

Google will also ask developers to inform users:

  • What type of data is collected and stored: for example, approximate or precise location, contacts, personal information (for example, name, email address), photos and videos, audio files and archive files.
  • How the data is used: for example the functionality and customization of the application.
Android Privacylabelsannouncement

All Google Play applications must include this information and provide a privacy policy in the application file so that the user knows before downloading how their data will be treated.

Google is going to allow the developers to have enough time to prepare for the new changes. In summer they will launch their new policy. At the end of the year, developers will be able to add security and privacy information from the Google Play console. In the first quarter of 2022, users will start to see this new security section in some applications. In the second quarter of 2022 all new and existing applications will have to declare this privacy information.

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