Google Photos trick: discover random images with the ‘I’m going to get lucky’ button

google photos trick discover random images with the im going.jpg
google photos trick discover random images with the im going.jpg

Google Photos is a photo gallery with cloud backup tremendously known, but maybe you didn’t know that it has a hidden button with which to access random photos and videos. The shortcut of ‘I’m going to be lucky’, a button that you can even pin to the desktop of your Android.

The ‘I’m going to be lucky’ button is one of Google’s hallmarks. Already in 1998 the button appeared on the front page of Google; and with a similar operation to the current one: when clicking on the ‘I’m going to be lucky’ (‘I’m feeling lucky‘) the search engine takes you to the first search result. Something similar to what Google Photos hides in its own Android application, although the result varies here: after pressing the button, random photos and videos are opened.

Google Photos shortcut that can be pinned to the desktop

Clover I'll Get Lucky Google Photos

There is no ‘I’m going to be lucky’ function in the app. Neither in the search sections nor in the menus, nor in settings: Google Photos hides the random search in its icon shortcuts. That is, you have to press and hold on this icon so that the option to perform a random search within the synchronized gallery on the platform pops up.

Random search offers a set of images and videos grouped by category. It can be a location, a type of content in which Google Photos has automatically grouped part of the reel, a date and even an event. By default, Google Photos alternates between different searches when you press the button. (countries, activities, specific points where many images were taken …); offering all related content. And it does not usually repeat, at least as long as a significant number of photos and videos have been synchronized on the platform.

To use this curious button, all you have to do is perform a few simple steps:

  • Look for the Google Photos icon. This can be found in the app drawer or on any of the desktops, it doesn’t matter.
  • Keep pressed on the icon until the two shortcuts appear: ‘I’m going to be lucky’ and ‘Free up space’.
  • Click on the ‘I’m going to be lucky’ and drag the shortcut to the area you want on your desktop.
Clover I'll Get Lucky Google Photos

From that moment you will have access to a random search within your Google Photos and without having to enter the application or know what you want to search for: Google’s ‘I’m going to get lucky’ will take care of the task. It is a curiosity that, beyond nostalgia, may not seem entirely useful. But aren’t photos a great tool with which to relive the best moments? Well, surely many of them, and that they are stored in Google Photos, were already forgotten.

‘I’m going to be lucky’, but not enough to get back unlimited storage

The platform is current this May since it’s the last month that Google maintains unlimited storage for high-quality photos and videos. If you still haven’t found an alternative, and you use Google Photos a lot, you’d better hurry.