Google Photos renews the backup with mobile data: videos will now always be uploaded in exchange for a daily limit

google photos renews the backup with mobile data videos will.jpg
google photos renews the backup with mobile data videos will.jpg

Although in the middle of last year we said goodbye to free unlimited storage of Google Photos, Google service is still the best option for save all our photos and videos in the cloud, and about the backup of Google Photos we have news.

Google Photos has begun to activate in Europe and the United States an option that the company began to test in India in March 2019. Now, almost three years later, the daily mobile data limit to more countries.

Daily mobile data limit

Now now, by activating the backup of Google Photos, we could activate the use of mobile data so as not to wait for a Wi-Fi connection to be backed up in the cloud of our photos and videos.

Google Photos Mobile Data

This option was originally activated in the section ‘Mobile data usage’, activating the option ‘Photos’, and optionally also in ‘Videos’ if we also wanted our recordings to be uploaded to the cloud using mobile data. Now this is no longer the case.

Now if we go to the section of ‘Mobile data usage’ From the backup of Google Photos we see how it no longer allows only the photos to be uploaded when we do not have Wi-Fi. The option to prevent videos from being uploaded has disappeared. In its place we find the new daily limit.

Google Photos Mobile Data

With this option we can tell Google Photos the amount of mobile data that we want them to use from our rate to make backup copies. The options it offers us are no data, 5MB, 10MB, 30MB or unlimited. If we do not want Google Photos to make backup copies using the data of our rate we have to select the option “No data”. If we do not care that the backup is carried out without Wi-Fi we can already select the amount of MB that we want it to be able to spend each day, or to be able to use all the data that it needs by activating the ‘Unlimited’ option.

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