Google Photos reinvents its share menu with a practical floating window

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Floating window when selecting any photo

Google Photos Floating Window

Left, old share interface (Google Pixel 6); right, new interface (iPhone 12 Pro Max)

Google Photos allows you to mark a group of images from the gallery by pressing and holding any of them; an action that allowed share the content after selecting the relevant top icon. This user interface, which is more or less intuitive, changes with the introduction of a new floating window that makes the process much simpler and more complete.

As highlighted by 9to5Google, and we have been able to verify in our Google Photos app for the iPhone, the service has renewed the process of sending images by adding a floating window as a curtain that unfolds from below just by marking any photo or video. In this way the user has all the options at their fingertips without having to click on the top of the screen.

Simply select any image to bring up the pop-up at the bottom of the screen. Dragging the window up the icons that previously appeared in the upper area of ​​the screen appear (share, add to album, delete, order photos, backup, favorite, remove original from device and edit location); then there are regular contacts to whom to send the content, the last shared albums with their cover and the location where the photos were taken.

Google Photos Floating Window

Floating window in the Google Photos app for iOS

The floating window behavior is pretty neat, at least on the iPhone (we haven’t been able to test it on Android yet). The curtain scrolls over the main Google Photos page, bounces back when it hits the edge of the screen, and makes it really easy to interact with all the available options. Also, this new interface is perfect for using Google Photos with one handeven on mobile phones with a gigantic screen.

The new interface is appearing on Android phones with Google Photos updated to version 5.96. It hasn’t appeared in this system, but on the iPhone with the current version, 5.97 (we couldn’t replicate it on Android with the same version). Google will activate this change from its servers.

Via | 9to5Google