Google Photos for Android is renewed to better organize your photos and videos: these are its new features

google photos for android is renewed to better organize your photos and videos these are its new features
google photos for android is renewed to better organize your photos and videos these are its new features

The universal portrait mode is not going to be the only novelty of Google Photos that will reach users in the coming weeks. Google has announced three important new features that will soon arrive in its popular gallery.

In the coming weeks we will see how Google Photos will renew several of its sections to make it easier to organize your albums, import photos and videos, and see your shared content , among other new features.

tidier library
Sort Google Photos

The first novelty will be found in the Library tab . Google has redesigned it to make it easier to find and organize your photos. You’ll be able to quickly filter by type (albums, shared albums, favorites, folders on the device) and then sort your results.

Under the grid of your library we will find the different Google Photos tools, such as access to the trash, archive, utilities, private folder or the new option to Import photos . This new option will allow you to easily copy photos from other services , digitize photos (or videos and movies), or move photos from a camera.

Google Photos Import

More sharing tab order

Share Google Photos

Google Photos also revamps the Share tab . In its new organization we will see how it now divides Conversations and Shared Albums into sections . Until now it showed everything together and mixed. Starting this week this new organization will arrive.

Direct access to your screenshots

Google Photos Captures

Currently to see the screenshots we have to go to Library and look for the ‘Screenshots’ folder. This will no longer be necessary in the coming days, since Google Photos will add a shortcut to the main view to show us recent screenshots .

Finally, Google Photos for Android will also start showing a carousel of contextual suggestions for copying text, cropping, searching with Google Lens, and more when opening a screenshot.

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