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Google Photos already lets you decide how much mobile data you want to consume with your backups: this is how you can do it

google photos already lets you decide how much mobile data.jpg
google photos already lets you decide how much mobile data.jpg

Google Photos continues to introduce changes over time, becoming an increasingly configurable app despite having lost its great appeal: unlimited storage of photos. Now the last thing that comes to us has to do with power set limits when uploading photos to the cloud using the mobile data network. We can now activate it without fear of consuming our data rate.

The new feature reaches the rest of the world market after Google tested it in India in a pilot that began in March 2019. Once all the necessary details have been refined, Google releases functionality for everyone and we can already establish a daily limit of data to be consumed by our backups. You no longer have to wait to get home to save your travel photos and videos, or at least not worry about your fare being swallowed.

Choose how much data you want to spend on your backups

Now, Google Photos allows us activate a daily limit of mobile data that we can consume when uploading photos to your cloud. That is, when it comes to synchronizing the photos on our phone with the online storage of the service. It does not count, by the way, when we download a photograph from storage to the phone, that is, vice versa.

To be able to activate this function we have to go to the ‘Use of mobile data’ section within the ‘Create backup’ section of the application. Before we found there the limitation when uploading videos but that has been replaced by a new data limit that applies to both photos and uploaded videos. By the way, we also have an option to allow uploading while roaming. That is, when we are connected to networks in another country.


The new mobile data limit for uploading photos to Google Photos consists of five options:

  • No data: to not allow uploading using mobile networks.
  • 5MB / 10MB / 30MB: depending on what we want to consume.
  • Unlimited: to enable unrestricted upload.

As we have mentioned, now Google Photos no longer distinguishes between photos and videos when uploading files to the cloud, it only offers us this possibility to decide how much data we want it to consume in our backup copies. And once we have consumed them, at 00:01 we will have them available again to continue safeguarding our photos and videos.

Via | 9to5Google