Google news now offers paid articles: Google News Showcase arrives in Spain

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service that offers paid articles agreed with the media. In addition, Showcase has daily summaries, timelines and articles related to what you read.

With a written press in clear retreat due to the great presence of the media on the Internet, the vast majority of newspapers are committed to offering journalistic content under paywalls. How many times have you wanted to expand the headline that appeared on your Twitter and you found yourself with a subscription? Since it is impossible to subscribe to everything, having aids like Google News Showcase is a great joy. And the service has already arrived in Spain.

Fewer obstacles to reading quality full articles

Google News Showcase

Google News Showcase in the Google News app

As confirmed by Google, News Showcase arrives in Spain in collaboration with a large number of popular media, including Webedia, a medium to which Xataka belongs. Thanks to agreements between Google and news publishers, Showcase allows access to preferably paid content without having to deal with subscription walls.

Google News Showcase does not offer all paid content for free, it does include a selection of news, information and services that allow you to expand the headlines with the extended content.

Currently, the news platform recently arrived in Spain has agreements with 60 different media that reach more than 140 publications. Apart from Webedia, Google News Showcase contains content from El País, ABC, Europa Press, El Español, Atresmedia and Infolibre. Always in the form of selected articles, the Google service does not completely eliminate payment walls.

To access the content of News Showcase, the Google News application can be used, the articles will also appear in the Google search engine (and clearly identified with a Showcase card). Apart from reading the content that shows the news, News Showcase allows you to follow the media so you don’t miss the news they publish. And despite the fact that much of the selected content is premiumthe news includes announcements.

As we said, it is already available in Spain. In the Google News app it’s available under the “Kiosk” tab – currently the best way to test the platform.

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