Google News is resurrected in Spain: this is how you can access the mythical news feed from your mobile

google news is resurrected in spain this is how you.jpg
google news is resurrected in spain this is how you.jpg
End of 2014, the closure of Google News in Spain is confirmed. The popular news feed had to be closed in our country because of copyright laws. However, the so-called Iceta Law has allowed the news service is back.

Today the return of Google News to Spain was confirmed. Although the truth is that We were not surprised by this news either. since it has been suspected for several months after the approval of the aforementioned Law, which provides coverage for services like this to be in force in our territory without this affecting the intellectual property of each media outlet and author.

At the moment, in web version. Soon on our mobiles

All you have to do is go to the Google News website to see that the service is now up and running again, offering a news feed from our country, to which you can now add your favorite media outlets so that their news appears as a priority. You can do this via browser whether on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Yes indeed, At the moment there is no app on Google Play or App Store. It will end up arriving, as is evident, but at the time of publishing this news it does not appear as available, unless you have another region configured on your mobile in which it was already operational. In fact, you may already have it installed on Android without realizing it.

Notably, in case you already have it, you will only have to change the region in the app itself so that it will show you results from Spain. This can be done from the settings of the app itself, entering Languages ​​and regions that interest you. At that point you must choose the Spanish of Spain and the region, obviously, Spain as the language.

The Google News app is not yet available, although if you already had it you can change the region and make it work normally.

We must also say that there is a way to download the app on Android through its APK thanks to websites like APKMirror. We remember that Apple does not allow installing applications on the iPhone that are outside the App Store, despite the fact that they seriously consider allowing it. Therefore, in the case of iOS, you will have to wait a few hours or days to have the app available.

From Google they are proud of this return, praising the work of journalism and highlighting its special prominence in complicated times such as those recently experienced with COVID-19. Taking into account that after its closure the traffic in the Spanish media fell by 10%, we will have to wait to know the impact of the return of this tool.