Google News: everything you need to know to get the most out of it

google news everything you need to know to get the.jpg
google news everything you need to know to get the.jpg

Google News is now available in Spain. After leaving our country almost eight years ago we can once again enjoy its famous custom news aggregator with which we can keep up to date with the news of our town, province, country and the rest of the world.

Google news It is a very simple application to use, but in order for it to show us the news that most interests us, we have to configure it and use it its most important options that will allow us to get the most out of itas we will see below.

Configure the languages ​​and regions that interest you

Google News Languages ​​& Regions

The first thing we have to do is make sure in which languages ​​and countries we are going to see news in Google News. By default it should show the news in our language and country but by clicking on the image of our profile we can access News settings > Languages ​​and regions that interest you to add languages ​​and regions if we want to keep up to date with news in other languages ​​and countries.

Set up notifications

Google News Notifications

Google news can in

Turn on mini cards to see more headlines on screen

Google News Mini Cards

If you want to see more headlines on the screen you can activate the mini cards from the app settings. This option hides the first fragments of the news from the card to show only the headlines and reduces the size of the images on the cover, which allows us to see more news on the screen.

Set the dark theme

Google News Dark Theme

Like most apps, Google news also has a dark theme. By default this option will be activated with the dark theme of the device but we can activate the dark theme forever from the application settings.

Set autoplay

Google News AutoPlay

From the settings we can also configure the Autoplay. By default, the videos will always be played automatically, but we can configure that they are only played over Wi-Fi to save data or disable said automatic playback.

Find topics, locations and sources to follow

Google News Following

Google news It allows us to follow hundreds of topics and thousands of sources, as well as news from any location. To do this we just have to use your search engine or go to the tab Following for add topics, sources and locations for local news.

Hide news from sources you don’t care about

Google News Hide News

Yes Google news shows us news from a source that is not our trust from the news menu we can hide your news to let you see news from that medium. In the Google News settings we can see in the section ‘Sources and topics that you see less’ all the sources and topics that we have blocked.

Say what news you like more or less

Google News More News Like This

If we see a piece of news that we don’t like but we don’t want to block said source, in the menu of the news card we find the options “Less news like this” or “More news like this”. So we can tell Google News what news we like the most.

Save the news to read later

Google News Save For Later

Finally, if we see a piece of news that we cannot read at that moment, we can save it to read it later from its options menu. News and articles marked “Save for later” will be available in the “Following” tab.

Google news

Google news

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