Google Messages prepares to receive the transcription of voice notes, among other news

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1663280695 1366 2000.webp.webp

The latest version of Google Messages hides between its lines of code the voice memo transcription with which Google follow the steps of Telegram and it will surely be ahead of the WhatsApp audio transcript that we have been waiting for more than a year.

audio transcription

Transcribe Google Messages

From 9to5Google they have managed to activate some of the new features that Google will soon add to its SMS messaging and RCS chat application. As we can see in the screenshots, in the near future, if someone sends us a voice note via SMS/RCS, we will be able to transcribe the audio to read what they have sent us. As this feature has not been released, it is unknown what languages ​​it will support from day one.

Reactions with any Emoji

Google reactions

Two years ago the reactions to the Messages application arrived, but until now they only allow us to react with seven types of Emojis. With a future update this will change, since following the steps of Telegram and WhatsApp we will be able to react with any emoji to the messages of our contacts.

new gallery

Google Messages Gallery

Finally, another novelty that seems to be coming soon is a renewed image picker. In the current version, when we want to select an image, its quick gallery has a horizontal scroll, which only allows us to see very few images on the screen. The source code hides a new gallery with vertical scrolling which allows us to see on the screen more than twice as many photographs ready to select and in