Google Meet calls will be more fun: we can watch videos, listen to music and even play ‘UNO’

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to make it more fun after Google Duo absorption is complete.

The next thing that is on the way to Google Meet, and that has been hunted by 9to5Google, is that the application will integrate other apps to make meetings and videoconferences more enjoyable. The sneer of seriousness will lighten with the presence of apps from the company such as Youtube to watch group videosas well as music from Spotify or various games.

More complete and fun calls

As is often the case in these cases, new features in the apps are anticipated from the code of the pre-release versions.

From 9to5Google they detect new text strings introduced in the code of version 2022.07.23 of the Google Meet app that notify of changes. Changes such as the use of content streaming apps such as Spotify or YouTube will be integrated. This indicates that in Meet video calls YouTube videos shared by all attendees can be seenall at the same time as a group viewing like the one allowed by apps like Amazon Prime Video, for example.

Spotify songs can also be shared, so that all participants listen to the same music track at the same time. And yes, there will also be games. The first codes that appeared already point to well-known titles such as ‘Heads Up’, ‘Kahoot’ or the eternal and well-known ‘UNO’. Video calls will be more fun. Also more efficient, watch out, because ‘GQueues’ will also join the party, the task manager can be integrated with Meet.

At the moment everything indicates that these integrations (which will not be carried out completely natively but by calling other installed apps) will initially be restricted to the android ecosystem. To welcome these changes in iOS or in Google Meet in the browser, we will have to wait. We will see when we receive them so we can test what effect they have and if it is true that Meet calls are made better.

Via | 9to5Google