Google Maps shows us a distorted world map and it makes perfect sense that it is so

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1657297537 1366 2000.webp.webp

Map comparing the real size of the territories

As you may have seen, the countries of the southern hemisphere, including Spain, have real proportions that appear to be quite close to those we see on maps, despite the fact that in the case of our country a 23 .7% smaller. Nevertheless, there are amazing differences with territories of the northern hemisphere. See if not Greenland, Canada, Alaska or Russia.

The maps that we usually use come from the well-known Mercator projection, named after the 16th-century Flemish geographer and cartographer who “made fashion” this type of view. And the reason, as we said before, is none other than to offer a view that for practical purposes is easier to handle.

Peter's Map

Peter’s Map

However, you should know that Mercator’s is not the only distorted representation that we have seen, since there are others just as interesting. See if not the Peters Map, which tries to create a grid in which each area is identical in proportion to the others.

Realistic Map

If we wanted to have a flat map as realistic as possible we would have to resort to one like the one in the previous image. It would still not be exactly accurate due to the complexity of representing the areas in 2D, but it would be more realistic. However, we are able to predict a complete disaster if this were used by Google Maps and company.