Google Maps on Android will also have the widget that was released on iOS

google maps on android will also have the widget that.jpg
google maps on android will also have the widget that.jpg

Google Maps on Android has five widgets, although it may be fairer to call them shortcuts, since they don’t actually show information per se. Yes it has a proper widget on iOS, and now the same design is on the way to Android.

The widget in question is not yet visible to users, but it is in the Google Maps version 11.0.1 code, XDA has discovered, so it could be activated at any time. In it you can quickly access the search and shortcuts to go home, to work or the closest gas stations and restaurants.

The iOS Maps widget, on Android

Android 12 – and in large part iOS – have brought renewed interest in widgets, when both operating systems seem to have agreed on their design. Google, in fact, released many of its widgets in its iOS applications, as is the case with Google Maps.

Google Maps on an iPhone has two widgets, while on Android it has long had five shortcuts, with icon sizes. Now we know that at least one of the Google Maps widgets on iOS is on the way to Android: the search bar with shortcuts.


The new Google Maps widgets on iOS

The widget in question has practically the same design and functionality on Android as on iOS, presenting itself as a search bar and four buttons: go home, go to work, look for restaurants and look for gas stations. The peculiarity will be that, on a Google Pixel with Android 12, the widget colors will adapt to the Material You palette.

Being already in the code, it is a matter of time before the widget finishes activating, and a good time to do it would be in sync with the launch of Android 12. It remains to be seen if the other iOS widget, which shows the current location on the map, will also arrive on Android or not.

Via | XDA