Google Maps on Android Auto is better suited to driving on the left

google maps on android auto is better suited to driving.jpg
google maps on android auto is better suited to driving.jpg

In some countries like Spain you drive on the right and in others on the left. Google Maps is perfectly prepared to develop routes in both systems, but its interface in Android Auto it was optimized more for right-hand driving. This is about to change.

The Google Maps interface in Android Auto places buttons and directions aligned to the left, so they are closer to the driver in left-hand drive vehicles. Coming soon, interface alignment will vary automatically depending on whether we are driving on the right or on the left.

The buttons more at hand

Google has announced on its forums that Google Maps on Android Auto will be better suited for use in right-hand drive vehicles, which is normal in countries where you drive on the right, such as the United Kingdom.

The idea is quite simple: today the panel with the directions of the route and the related buttons is located on the left hand side, so that it is closer to the drivers with the steering wheel on the left. As of a future Android Auto update, controls will be on the right hand side on right hand drive vehicles, to be more accessible.

Android Auto will take care of adapt the interface automatically depending on vehicle conditions, although in the future the option will be included in the settings so that you can manually choose your default settings. Useful if, for example, it will not be the driver who manipulates Android Auto, but the co-driver.

Taking advantage of these changes, Google has polished Google Maps support for right-to-left writing languages. These changes will be available to all users in a future update of the Android Auto app.

Via | 9to5Google