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Google Maps helps you save fuel: efficient routes arrive in Spain

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The route that consumes less, on Google Maps

Get ready to start seeing the leaf icon on Google Maps, as this is how the application will highlight us the most efficient route, the one that consumes less fuel and that may not necessarily be the fastest. The novelty was announced last year and began its deployment in the United States to later reach Germany and now basically all of Europe.

The operation is very simple, since you will have to choose a route the same as always and Google Maps will highlight an efficient alternative, if it exists. By tapping on it you can get some additional information about it like what percentage of fuel you save and in exchange for what (it could be that the route is longer, but uses less fuel).

Relatedly, we can now tell Google Maps what fuel does our vehicle use, so that you can use this information to generate these calculations. The options available today are gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid, and we can choose it from the route options, by clicking on ⋮ and route options.

Google uses this information to factor in calculations such as a diesel car prioritizing highways while a hybrid or electric car might get routes that use more urban roads to take advantage of regenerative braking. novelty should be available now for all Spanish users of Google Maps, although it could take a few hours or days to appear to all users.

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