Google Lens for Android brings us the reverse search of Google Images

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1664229999 1366 2000.webp.webp

Three years ago, if we found in Chrome an image we liked and wanted to find its source or a higher quality version we just had to use “Search Google for this image”, a context menu option that in early 2020 was replaced by “Search with Google Lens”. As well, Google reverse search returns through Google Lens.

Google Images reverse search now in Google Lens

Google Lens Image Search

From 9to5Google they report that a new shortcut to reverse Google Images search has begun to reach some users through Google Lenswhich will allow us find image source. That is, search the Internet where that same image appears in different sizes and qualities.

Thus, Google Lens will show among its results a list of similar products that appear in the image while the Google Images search will search for that same image on the network. The shortcut will appear with the icon of a world with a magnifying glass at the bottom right of the image.

When Google activates this direct access to everyone, we will no longer have to download an image to search for it through the desktop version of Google Images. Now we will only have to search for that image with Google Lens and touch the new Google reverse search button.

Via | 9to5Google
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