Google launches I/O Pinball, a fun game starring Android, Chrome, Flutter and Firebase

google launches io pinball a fun game starring android chrome.jpg
google launches io pinball a fun game starring android chrome.jpg

Google I/O 2022 starts tomorrow, the event aimed mainly at developers but also at consumers, where we will learn about the news of Android 13 and the rest of the company’s products. As well, Google did not want to wait until tomorrow to launch a minigame dedicated to the event.

Google I/O Pinball is the new, free and fun game that the company has launched on the occasion of Google I/O 2022 and starring Android, Chrome, Flutter and Firebase.

This is Google I/O Pinball

The game I/O Pinball It is built on Google’s Flutter and Firebase technologies, as a demonstration of how Google wants to take game development for mobile or desktop web browsers to the next level.


To play we just have to enter I/O Pinball from our browser to enjoy this game starring the Android mascots, Chrome (Dino), Flutter (Dash), and Firebase (Sparky). Before starting a game we will have to choose the pet with which we want to appear in the world ranking table.

Characters I/O Pinball

Different areas of the pinball table are based on Google’s technologies and mascots, and if we aim and/or achieve the goals, we’ll get extra points or special balls.

The game looks like a 3D pinball game but is developed in 2D. In the following publication, a Google developer details in detail how they have created this game, the libraries they have used and publishing the source code for those who want to tinker with the code.

Via | 9to5Google