Google Keep launches new backgrounds: so you can personalize your notes by adding a background image

google keep launches new backgrounds so you can personalize your.jpg
google keep launches new backgrounds so you can personalize your.jpg

The notes and lists app Google Keep receives a breath of fresh air in its interface in its new update, and it is not because Google has redesigned the application but because they have added a new option to personalize our notes.

Since Google Keep came to our phones more than eight years ago, in all these years it only allowed us to change the color of the note, but as of today it also allows us add a background image.

Add a background image to Google Keep notes

Google Keep Add Background

In its update to version 5.21.281 of Google Keep the company has gradually started to activate the new background images to personalize our notes and lists. If we have updated Google Keep and when we open a note we see the icon of a palette in the lower left part, it is that we already have this new feature activated.

In total Google Keep offers us nine background images very varied, such as a swimming pool, a forest, fireworks, food or a roller coaster. With these funds our notes will be much more visual.

Google Keep Wallpapers

The background images will also be seen in the thumbnail of the notes in the Google Keep main view, thus renewing the interface and allowing us to visually locate some notes more quickly if we add a related background image. For example, add a food background to our shopping list or the pool background to the note with our vacation planning.

Notes With Backgrounds

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