Google improves the way to start the Assistant driving mode while Android Auto disappears on more phones

google improves the way to start the assistant driving mode.jpg
google improves the way to start the assistant driving mode.jpg

Android Auto on his mobile his days are numbered. With the imminent arrival of Android 12, the Android Auto platform will only be available in cars, its mobile version being replaced by the new Google Assistant driving mode.

The Assistant driving mode not yet available to everyone. Google is doing a very staggered launch while adding major improvements and continues to disable Android Auto more and more phones.

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Now you can start driving mode with Bluetooth

For a few weeks the new home screen of the Google Assistant driving mode began to reach users, but the way to activate it either has not finished to please users or it does not work correctly. To activate the driving mode of the Assistant you have to say “Hey Google, let’s drive” (Hey Google, let’s drive), but in Spanish it still does not recognize this command despite being announced last month.

Bluetooth Driving Mode

To avoid users having to say the “Hey Google” command every time they sit in their car, the Assistant settings now allow the user to start driving mode by connecting to the car’s Bluetooth. Thus, when the mobile is linked to the car’s Bluetooth, it can automatically open the driving mode or ask before starting.

Assistant Driving Mode

On the other hand, as we saw before, Google continues to close Android Auto on mobile phones. More and more devices with Android 12 Beta can no longer use Android Auto on mobile. Now on many of these mobiles when you open the Android Auto app you will see a warning that informs that “Android Auto is now only available on car screens. On the phone try the Google Assistant driving mode.”, Showing a shortcut for test driving mode.

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