Google Home launches a new feed: this is the tab that will show you the most important events in your home

google home launches a new feed this is the tab.jpg
google home launches a new feed this is the tab.jpg

Three months ago the home automation application Google Home has been revamped in stylepremiering [nueva interfaz y mejor privacidad]((, but one of the novelties announced last March It has been made to pray until today.

Google Home has displayed the new tab Updated home feeda new section that, as we will see in more detail below, will allow us to be aware of the most relevant updates.

This is the new Google Home Feed

Google Home Feed

the new tab Updated home feed It will be the renewed place to find the most recent and important events that have happened in the connected devices of our home. For example, there we will see if a camera has detected any presence, the house routines have been executed, or if a guest has connected to our Wi-Fi network, as long as we have a router compatible with Google Home.

Google Home allows us to remove a certain event from the list and customize the news we want to see in the feed so that it only shows us the updates that we see most important.

The new Google Home feed will also show us recommendations to get more out of our home automation devices. For example, you can recommend how to control the lighting to sleep better through the function gradual dusk Y gradual sunrisein addition to recommending devices compatible with Google Home functions.

Google Home History

The new Feed has also improved the record of events, which is now in the upper left. There we will see more detail each of the events that have been produced at home. Now we can filter by type of event and by days.

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