Google Home house routines: how you can make your home smarter

google home house routines how you can make your home.webp.webp.webp
google home house routines how you can make your home.webp.webp.webp

With the new Matter unified standard launched at the end of 2022, it is expected that home automation will enter our homes even more strongly with the next devices that will arrive throughout this year, which thanks to the new interconnectivity will be able to do much more things straight from our favorite wizards.

In the Android ecosystem, it is Google Home and the google assistant those in charge of allowing us interconnect those household devices and create the new household routines to make our reality smart home.

This is the Google Home home routines

On the occasion of Matter standardGoogle also improved its home application, Google Homereleased a new interface still in testing and enhancing routines with the new home routines, which are available to all users.

in the app Google Homewhen you go to add a new routine or automationwe will have to choose between two types of routine: family unit or staff.

Family unit

The personal routineas its name and description indicate in the application itself, are for our own routines that only we can edit, and are much more limited, while the family unit routines Are the household routineswhich allow us to make more complete automations, and which are available to all members of the house.

For each household routine we have to configure its activators (the event that triggers the routine) and the Actions (what we want to happen in that routine). As activators we can create a voice command for Google Assistant, choose a specific time, at sunrise or sunset, or when a device does somethingwhich is one of the recent innovations of Google Home.

When a device does something

This last and new option allows a device to respond with an action when another device does something. An activator can be turning a device on or off, changing its volume, changing the TV input, stopping playback or a temperature, among other options that will depend on the devices we have in our home.

Day and Time Condition

To the activators we can assign a day and time condition, so that routines run at the exact time of day, during the day, evening, or night. The application allows us to choose between any time, during the day (from sunrise to sunset), at night (from sunset to sunrise) or between two hours, together with the days of the week that we want the routine to be repeated.


Once this activator is configured we already have to add action that we want to occur during that routine. We can make a speaker play a message, multimedia content, information or reminders, adjust the phone settings, the volume of the assistant or adjust home devices.

The option Adjust home devices is the one that will allow us to do that when a device does something another device automatically do another action in response. That if we turn a device off or on automatically, another device does something in response.

All this will allow us to tell Google Home that when the TV is turned on, the amplifier will also automatically turn onor that the brightness is also lowered or certain lights in the room are turned off at night, to name a few examples.

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