Google hides a Crossy Road game in Play Games: so you can play Crazy Jumps on your Android

google hides a crossy road game in play games so.jpg
google hides a crossy road game in play games so.jpg

Crazy Jumps is a fun Crossy Road casual game that is being developed by Google and that you probably have pre-installed on your Android: comes together with the Play Games app. You can access it whenever you want to play a quick game: we will tell you how to find it.

The number of games included in Play Games is growing, all pre-installed on your Android and with the option to boot them instantly. Currently you have access to a snake, a PAC-MAN, a solitaire card, a minesweeper … and a whole Crossy Road adapted by Google, the famous game of crossing the road to get to the other side. Do you want to try it?

Crazy jumps, a fun instant game from Google

Google Crazy Jumps

The company tends to hide little pearls in its applications, also in the operating system. For example, Easter eggs or Easter eggs for Android are very popular, as are the games that Google develops with some frequency for the search engine (known as Doodles). And Google Play Games, or Play Games, offers a collection of casual titles as standard that is receiving additions from time to time.

Play Games is the Google app that records participation in games for offer achievements to the player, possibility to compete against other users And it also includes quick access to all the titles installed on the smartphone, whether they come standard as downloaded from the Play Store. Crazy jumps is one of the first.

The aforementioned Crazy Jumps is a game clearly inspired by Crossy Road, the now classic casual title of the hen that must cross the roads. The mechanics are identical: In Crazy Jumps you have to move forward by crossing roads and rivers, always without being run over. The controls are somewhat more limited since the Google game only goes back and forth (Crossy Road allows movement to the sides). However, Crazy Jumps does not lose an iota of gameplay: it is quite a fun game to kill time. And it is addictive, watch out.

Crazy jumps, or Hoop Mania by its name in English, is integrated into Google Play games. To run it you must do the following:

  • Search for Google Play Games on your phone. In the event that you do not have it installed, you can download it from the Play Store.
  • Go to the bottom tab of “Library”.
  • Look at the top menu “Continue playing”. Click on the arrow to access all the games installed on your phone.
  • It depends on what you play on your mobile Saltos Locos will be more or less hidden. Descend in the list of games until you locate it.
  • Click on the play icon and Crazy Jumps will start.
Google Crazy Jumps

Google is regularly renewing the titles pre-installed in Play Games: check the entire list from time to time. What’s more, from there you have direct access to all the games on your Android; with lots of data about them, like when you last opened them and how many achievements you have accumulated.