Google Go camera or ‘normal’ Gcam: which version is better for your mobile

google go camera or normal gcam which version is better.webp.webp.webp
google go camera or normal gcam which version is better.webp.webp.webp

Talking at this point about the magic that the Google Camera does is not necessary. The GCam provides the mobiles of the American firm with a processing that improves the result of photographs, so much so that it is adored by many users. Fortunately, we can use it on other Android phones other than Google ones.

However, this camera app does not come in just one form, rather it is distributed in two versions that differ in several of their features. On the one hand, we have the “standard” Gcam, the base application that incorporates all of Google’s technology, and on the other we have the compact version, with functions that have been cut but not worse. We tell you the differences between these two cameras, as well as which one to choose for your smartphone.

Google Camera vs Google Camera Go: same origin, different destinations

Google CameraGo

As we have mentioned, the Google Camera Go (this is the name given to the compact version) is intended for more modest phones that do not have enough power for all the work that Google’s “magical” processing entails. In principle, they are the same appbut this light version loses some features and tweaks along the way.

The first visible difference is the icon (go obvious), while the normal Gcam does not have any inscription on its logo, the Camera Go has written the “GO” concept. This indicates that it is developed for hardware of less height. The last name Go refers to Android Go, a free version

Well, exactly the same thing happens with many of the applications that Google develops, we have Maps Go, Google Go, Gmail Go, among others. In the case that concerns us today, the GCam Go should work better on mobiles with modest specifications, belonging to the input and medium range. Normally, this version would accompany mobiles that come standard with Android Go, whose latest version is also Android 13 Go Edition.

Differences help us stay with one

As soon as we open the two applications, the differences are evident. Although the interface is similar, the Gcam has a mode section that includes functions such as panoramic captures, spherical photo and access to Google Lens. The latter is also compatible with Google Camera Go, but we find it in the settings.

On the other hand, the standard camera has a quick settings menu that allows us, among other things, to disable the flash, save the photos in RAW, and more extra functions. Instead, the Go version forces us to enter the settings to touch these settings.

Google Go Camera

It is worth mentioning that the interface feels more fluid, with colorful animations and an intuitive presentation. Its compact alternative looks a bit more “old”, or less updated.

What we can say is maintained is the button layout, such as the shutter release, quick access to the latest images, or switching between the rear and front cameras. Continuing with the differences, we see that the video and photo quality can be modified from the drop-down settings of the Gcam, the Gcam Go does not allow a change in resolution.

The light version also does not allow record video with additional functions such as slow motion or accelerated sequence, that is, we can only record videos at normal speed. We also miss the video stabilization features, which are missing from Go.

They are not the only functions that are left outbut we also do not have Frequent faces, Framing tips, nor with the section of storage savings on the Google Cam Go.

Which is the best for my mobile?

Google Pixel cameras

Although it is easy to say that the Go is for less powerful mobiles and the normal one for the rest, the best thing is that check yourself on your specific model, which one works best.

If we look for the photographic experience as Google intended it for their smartphones, opt for the GCam. In the event that you notice that your device does not process images well, you experience some slowdown or even an unexpected shutdown, it will be better to opt for the Google Camera Go.

As a general rule, the GCam Go will be ideal on mobiles with less powerful processors, those that we find in cheaper price ranges. Even so, that does not mean that your mobile is not capable of running the other.

We would be lying if we only comment on this, because the reality is different. The Google Camera is “only” officially available for the Google Pixel, so we resort to third-party solutions What are they ports (adaptations for other devices).

The Celso Azevedo website contains these adaptations ordered by developer, as well as much compatibility information. In some cases you can also take advantage of configuration files that you can download and upload to the Gcam so that it works better on certain mobiles.

Google Camera Go works on more phones, but the experience the regular version provides is on another level.

Usually it is easier than Google Camera Go works on a wider range of phones, and in its nature is the reason: being less complex, the compatibility is greater. On the contrary, the ports of the Google Camera tend to have greater incompatibilities with certain models, especially if they do not use Qualcomm processors.

In short, you lose nothing by check which version works best on your smartphone, and in the process you will acquire certain knowledge to improve the photographic quality of your phone completely free of charge. Thanks to the freedom that Android provides, we can enjoy Google’s processing, and it is something that as a user, we appreciate.

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