Google Duo completes its transformation in Meet with new icon and functions

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The transformation is complete now.

We knew since last month that the days of Duo’s name were numbered, but not the app as such, which would be updated by adopting some functions of Meet (and its name). Now Google is forcing change and we will have the new version, whether we like it or not, the next time we open the app.

Google Duo is Meet and Meet is Meet (original)

Google Duo is a bit like Schrödinger’s cat. It is possible that in your launcher you still see it under the name of Google Duo and with its blue icon, but if you check the apps installed on the mobile you will see that it has already changed its name, being called Meet and with the new colorful icon. The change appears when you open the app.

When we open the app, we will find full screen notice which indicates that Duo has been updated to Meet, keeping the functions that were already there and adding others that were not but were in Meet, such as live sharing, scheduled meetings or subtitles. By closing this screen, we can start using Google Duo under its new name and functions, Google Meet.


Of course, Google wants you to be aware of the name change, because at the top of the screen there is still a small notice that now indicates that Duo has been updated to Meet. Until you press It is understood in this windowthe app icon in the launcher is not changed, and you will still see the Duo icon.

To avoid? confusions, Google recently renamed the old Meet app as Meet (original), changing its icon colors to a monochrome green. The application continues to work today but Google recommends you switch to the new Google Meet app, which in a way can be translated as ending up in Google’s messaging app graveyard, like so many others.

meet original

Google continues to loop the loop with messaging and it’s nearly impossible to keep track of what’s what, so here is a summary of everything that has changed with this dance of name, icons and functions:

  • The previous Meet app is now called Meet (original) and its icon is green

  • The former Duo app is now called Meet, with the colorful icon

  • Meet (original) can still be used, but will probably end up closing

  • Original Duo features (such as Knock, knock mode) are still available

  • Meet features such as scheduled meetings, virtual backgrounds or chat in video calls are added

  • New features: watch videos on YouTube in video calls, share Spotify lists and games like UNO or Kahoot

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