Google Drive launches widget with automatic suggestions and Material You

google drive launches widget with automatic suggestions and material you.jpg
google drive launches widget with automatic suggestions and material you.jpg

The progressive expansion of widgets that Google is carrying out with the arrival of Android 12 has just arrived in Drive: a new smart widget lands on mobiles offering, by bounce, the color adapted from the wallpaper thanks to Material You. The aforementioned widget is already available on some mobiles with the new operating system.

Android 12 had to come, and widgets acquired a second youth thanks to iOS, for Google to take them seriously again. With this version of Android the company has renewed several of its widgets; adding some new ones, like the weather widgets. And it will not stop there, Google will complete most of its applications with desktop elements.

Suggested files and smart Google Drive search

Google Drive widget

In September 2021, Google announced new You material widgets for its Drive application. Said widgets, which actually it was one capable of adapting to various styles once extended, landed on the app to the delight of those who want to have direct access to Drive on their desktops. And we have a new addition that also takes advantage of the benefits of Android 12.

9to5Google was the first medium to spot the new Drive Widget. According to our own experience, the widget has already reached mobiles like the Google Pixel 6: we have been able to select it on our phone with Android 12 as standard. And it works as expected.

The aforementioned widget adapts to the colors of the wallpaper thanks to the “material theming” function, the one through which both the interface and the buttons and apps they unify their colors automatically and always according to the wallpaper. The result is a widget that not only fits in with the desktop, it also adds remarkable utility for those who constantly work with Google Drive on mobile.

Google Drive widget

The widget automatically chooses the most used files by displaying them in a vertically scrolling list so that a click is enough to gain access to the file. In addition, it includes a search engine that suggests documents, searches and contacts as the letters are written, in the style of the Google search engine prediction.

Unfortunately, Google Drive only includes the new widget on those phones already updated to Android 12. On the Pixels it is operational, we have verified it.