Google doesn’t know how to use its AI against ChatGPT, but it does know how to apply it to games: these four new titles are the proof

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google doesnt know how to use its ai against chatgpt.webp.webp.webp

We will attend next week Google I/O 2023the Google event in which, apart from Android 14 and presentations of products such as Pixel Fold, news of its AI, Google Bard, is announced. At the expense of this, what we do know already are four games based on artificial intelligence which can be tested now.

They are titles that, we already warned, do not aim to revolutionize the industry, much less. At least in these early versions. However, they are less interesting and can be played on both Android phones and iPhoneso you can try them yourself regardless of which smartphone you use.

Four minigames made with Google’s image generator

As part of the Google Arts & Culture Lab program, four games are now coming out which, according to the Mountain View company itself, have been created by four artists based on the tool ‘Google AI Image Generation Research‘.


Game Ia Google 1

In essence, this title comes to be the classic game of hangman, since their idea is very similar. It basically tries to guess words, for which we will have five attempts. As an aid, and this is where the AI ​​comes in, we find that the letters that appear themselves give clues. The typography and elements that make up each letter are the key to guessing the word. And yes, these letters and their images are created with the Google image generator.

Play ‘XYZ TOY’

Odd One Out

Game Ia Google 2

Probably our favorite, being very similar to the experiment that our colleagues did in Xataka recently. Is about Guess which of the images that appear is created by artificial intelligence. Yes, there are some very obvious ones, but we attest that in other cases it becomes tremendously difficult to distinguish.

Play ‘Odd One Out’


Game Ia Google 3

The third title that Google artists discover for us is probably the most particular of all. proposes to us discover the world based on its most important monuments made with plasticine? The fact is that they try to recreate the most important and emblematic places of each place with a kind of colorful mass that, although it seems like the work of a preschool, has actually been built digitally thanks to artificial intelligence.

Play ‘Un-Dough!’

Haiku Imagined

Game Ia Google 4

The fourth and last title is not a game as such, but offers us a relaxing experience that combines image, video and sound with the art of haiku poems. As in the previous ones, everything has been generated by artificial intelligence.

Play ‘Haiku Imagined’

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