Google Clock sleep mode and Digital Wellbeing are adding cough and snoring detection

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informing in its text strings that it will be part of the “Rest Mode” of the Google Clock.See how much you cough or snore during your scheduled bedtime

Rest mode

Allow Digital Wellbeing to use the microphone on this device to detect coughs and snoring during your scheduled bedtime

A new card will appear in the rest mode of the Google Clock that will allow us to activate the detection of coughs and snoring through Digital Wellbeing. For this it will be necessary allow the use of the microphone so that it can analyze the noises that happen while we are sleeping.

In this way, the Google Clock would go on to monitor the activity of the applications that we have been using in bed when we should be sleeping along with the times that we have coughed and snored.

See bedtime activity, screen time, and cough and snoring

What is unknown is if the detection of coughs and snoring will reach all mobiles or if it will be an exclusive function of the Pixels, or at least with temporary exclusivity. It is possible that Google launches this function first in the Pixel 7 and then after a few months it ends up reaching the rest of the mobiles. Via | 9to5Google